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Indian Bank Case Study Ssrs

can anyone help me with this project please

thank you

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And on which detail do you have question?

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  1.  No Transactions should be allowed on Accounts marked “Inoperative”
  2.  When a Transaction is altered, the difference between the old amount and the new amount cannot be more than 10%, if the transaction has been affected by the teller
  3.  More than three Cash Withdrawal transactions in a single account on the same day should not be allowed
  4.  Cheque Number and Cheque Date columns should not be ‘NULL’, if the Transaction type is ‘Cheque Deposit’
  5.  A product should not be removed, if there are accounts attached to it (Similar checks are required wherever appropriate)
  6.  Transaction Amount should not be negative
  7.  Transaction Type should only be ‘CW’ or ‘CD’ or ‘CQD’
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