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Agent status is not teady

I have uploaded a vhd in azure and created a disk from it.
I have created a vm in azure portal from that disk.
But in the vm overview section it is showing Agent status is not ready.
Also I not able to RDP to the vm.
Can anyone help me on this. I am not able to RDP to the vm. Getting error196241-screenshot-2022-04-25-19-35-24-22.jpg

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Hi @AlvaroVinicius-6339 ,
Thanks for reaching out to Microsoft QnA. Happy to answer your question.
These type of issues might occur when the VM does not correctly boot up. Can you check the Boot diagnostic screenshot on the VM blade and see if the VM is in booted up state or not?

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Hi @AlvaroVinicius-6339 , any update on the above?

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