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Delay issue with macros

I was on windows 10. Before I started to have this issue, everything was normal and the exact same macros were working. But then suddenly they stopped working and eventho I tried every single thing I could, nothing helped me fix this issue. The issue was that I set up a macro in my mouse's software that would click 100 times per second but it was clicking 13 times per second. I tried making it 200 but it kept clicking 13 times per second. I bought a new mouse and still had this problem until I installed windows 11. It got fixed for a short while but then I started having the exact same issue again. I thought it was caused by my laptop which was pretty low end. Around 8 months ago, I bought a high end pc. I plugged in my mouse and tried the same macros and had the same exact issue. I contacted SteelSeries which was the manufacturer of my mouse. But they found no issues in the software itself. I tried making an autohotkey script and it acted weird too. Instead of 100, it clicked around 80 times per second and was unstable. I have no idea whats causing this. Here is a link to a video that shows my issue:

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