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Speaker identification no longer working in Microsoft Teams

As a hearing impaired federal employee with the Department of the Interior, I've come to wholly depend on the AI-driven captioning as well as the speaker identification function within the MS Teams app for full communication access to meetings especially since most of us are remote workers and always meet virtually. However, today, the speaker identification function stopped working. My federal agency uses the enterprise version of MS 365, which includes MS Teams. Any help understanding why this vital function stopped working for anyone using MS Teams on their own computers and who I could contact within the Department of the Interior would be helpful. Thank you, Kent Munro

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@KentMunro-6401 I have added the appropriate teams tags to this thread so the appropriate experts can comment on this feature and help you. Thanks!!

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Hi @KentMunro-6401

However, today, the speaker identification function stopped working.

Would you mind clarifying a bit more about what you meant by "stopped working" or sharing a screenshot without personal information so that we can understand better about the situation?
What's the version of the Teams client you are using? You can check the build number by going to the ellipsis (...) menu next to the profile picture and selecting About > Version.

Besides, it's suggested to have a try in Teams web client ( and see if the issue persists there.

Then considering that it's affecting "anyone using MS Teams" in your organization, it's highly recommended to contact your IT administrator to help further troubleshoot the issue.

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Hi @KentMunro-6401

Just checking in to follow up with this thread. Should you need more help on this, you can feel free to post back.

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