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How to use the CustomUsbDeviceAccess demo in Windows-universal-samples-master?

After I run the CustomUsbDeviceAccess demo, and connect mobile to PC with Type-C USB, but the demo can't detect any USB device?

Anyone give us some advice? thank you.


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There are some other configurations before running this sample. You need to add your device's information to the manifest file of the sample. This step is mentioned in the sample document. Please go through the readme file of the sample on Github.

Also, my recommendation is that please take a look at this document: Talking to USB devices, start to finish (UWP app). This document shows the complete process of how to create a UWP app for a custom USB device. It should be helpful to you to understand how it works.

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@coder-2439 Have you solved your issue?

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Yes, thank you

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@coder-2439 Glad to hear that. So do you solve it by adding the device information into the manifest file?

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