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.Net core VS2022 IDE often getting not responding

Very recently I have started working with .Net core with VS2022 IDE community edition. our company will purchase soon the professional version of VS2022 IDE. the problem is VS2022 IDE often getting not responding. one instance say....suppose when i am switching from code to design view of form then ID taking long time. IDE taking long time to perform any job. how to fix this problem ? is my pc configuration is not good for VS2022 IDE?

my system configuration as following

please suggest a good fix or any work around.


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You should report this issue to Microsoft using the feedback/issue button in visual studio.

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sure but how could i share all my details with screen shot?

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Hi, does it occur in all projects or specific project?
If you installed some extensions, please temporarily disable them under Extensions > Manage Extensions > Installed.

Besides, you can try to repair your VS through running Visual Studio Installer > More > Repair.

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Thanks a lot for guide line. if you know site url where i can report this bug then please share the url. thanks

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