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Xamarin.Ios- Should I set APS Enviroment entitlement into Entitlement.plist?

According to Apple documentation Aps Enviroment will be set based on the provision used. Does that mean that I dont have to set any APS Enviroment in Entitlements.plist? and if i set it, it will override the value coming with the provisining profile.

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Usually, we need to set this value to development or production. Xcode will set the value of the entitlement based on your app's current provisioning profile, refer to
But this key aps-environment always be development whatever I'm under debug or release mode in VS.
Apple maintains Sandbox and Production these two environments, each of the environments require their own certificate and provisioning profile (check step 6-9 in this link). You could add Entitlements.developer.plist and Entitlements.production.plist, then go to iOS Bundle Signing, enter the corresponding file for Customer Entitlements based on the build Configuration.

In addition, I'm not very clear how did it override the value with the provisioning profile. Are you using Manual provisioning, would you mind sharing more details?

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May I know if you have got any chance to check my reply? Please feel free to share more detailed information to us, and it will be very helpful for us to better work out this issue.

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my problem is that when I set this value in entitlement.plist myself, i am getting an error on azure pipeliness using store plugin and actually VS publishing to testflight gives me error as well but using Xcode works just fine. And I am confusued if it is even necessary to set that in entitlement plist or it will be automatically included during the signing process by itunes or xcode.

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Would you mind sharing the error message? Since you are using Azure Pipelines, it is also recommended that you create a new thread at

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