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Conflicts folder in outlook mails contains contact item

When I send<user_id>/mailFolders/<folder_id>/messages/delta api, and use next track link to keep pulling data.
I've found that in a folder Sync Issues->Conflicts, there is a contact item found. (eg. can be listed only via users/<user_id>/contacts api, but not users/<user_id>/messages api).
It's strange that a contact item is in a mail folder. I've also used ews GetItem api to check that it really is a contact item.
Does anyone know how this could happen?
Thank you~!
Best regards,
Joyce Beck

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Hi @JoyceBeck-0263

to whom it may regards

What do you mean by this?!? Is this a report on something or are you the person "whom it may regards" and you want answer to a question?

This forum is not for reporting issue or posting general information, but for discussion about technical issues which interestings the person who start the thread = you

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