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Error MSB4014 The build stopped unexpectedly because of an internal failure.

I am having this error when opening again a working project recently closed.

Then I need to create the project again with my PROJECT GENERATOR.
I am using VS 2017, Windows 10 and openFrameworks/C++

The only rare thing I can mention is that:

I had trouble when multiple VS versions 2019/2022 and uninstalled both.
I am just using VS2017 (+ some 2019 build tool) and it works fine.
But when opening again a project I am getting the error.

Any idea? Thanks.

Also Windows installed all user data into OneDrive folder and I have my projects in /Documents.

Severity Code Description Project File Line Suppression State
Error MSB4014 The build stopped unexpectedly because of an internal failure.
System.Text.EncoderFallbackException: Unable to translate Unicode character \uD9E0 at index 810 to specified code page.
at System.Text.EncoderExceptionFallbackBuffer.Fallback(Char charUnknown, Int32 index)
at System.Text.EncoderFallbackBuffer.InternalFallback(Char ch, Char*& chars)
at System.Text.UTF8Encoding.GetByteCount(Char* chars, Int32 count, EncoderNLS baseEncoder)
at System.Text.UTF8Encoding.GetByteCount(String chars)
at System.IO.BinaryWriter.Write(String value)
at Microsoft.Build.BackEnd.NodePacketTranslator.NodePacketWriteTranslator.TranslateDictionary(IDictionary`2& dictionary, NodePacketCollectionCreator`1 dictionaryCreator)
at Microsoft.Build.BackEnd.NodePacketTranslator.NodePacketWriteTranslator.TranslateDictionary(Dictionary`2& dictionary, IEqualityComparer`1 comparer)
at Microsoft.Build.Execution.BuildParameters.Microsoft.Build.BackEnd.INodePacketTranslatable.Translate(INodePacketTranslator translator)
at Microsoft.Build.BackEnd.NodePacketTranslator.NodePacketWriteTranslator.Translate[T](T& value, NodePacketValueFactory`1 factory)
at Microsoft.Build.BackEnd.NodeConfiguration.Translate(INodePacketTranslator translator)
at Microsoft.Build.BackEnd.NodeProviderOutOfProcBase.NodeContext.SendData(INodePacket packet)
at Microsoft.Build.BackEnd.NodeProviderOutOfProc.CreateNode(Int32 nodeId, INodePacketFactory factory, NodeConfiguration configuration)
at Microsoft.Build.BackEnd.NodeManager.AttemptCreateNode(INodeProvider nodeProvider, NodeConfiguration nodeConfiguration)
at Microsoft.Build.BackEnd.NodeManager.CreateNode(NodeConfiguration configuration, NodeAffinity nodeAffinity)
at Microsoft.Build.Execution.BuildManager.PerformSchedulingActions(IEnumerable`1 responses)
at Microsoft.Build.Execution.BuildManager.HandleNewRequest(Int32 node, BuildRequestBlocker blocker)
at Microsoft.Build.Execution.BuildManager.IssueRequestToScheduler(BuildSubmission submission, Boolean allowMainThreadBuild, BuildRequestBlocker blocker) 1_PresetsBasic 1

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I found a related question hope it helps: error msb4014.

It is an environmental problem, caused by machines with a corrupt PATH environment variable. Which happens entirely too often, it is a nasty global variable that gets mangled too often by a broken installer.

You fix it with Control Panel > System > Advanced > Environment Variables > System variables > Path. Click Edit and copy the content of the intentionally small text box into a text editor. Clean it up, deleting obviously wrong paths and bad characters. Some paralysis at the usual mess is expected, take no prisoners. Paste it back into the text box. Logoff + Logon to ensure the new value is in effect for all processes.

Best regards,

Minxin Yu

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Thanks a lot @MinxinYu-MSFT !

This fixed my problems.


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Hi, @moebiusSurfing-0096
Glad to know you've resolve this issue! If you don't mind, you could click 'Accept Answer' to mark my reply as the accepted answer. It will also help others to solve the similar issue.

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