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Unable to connect to Azure Database for MYSQL Single Server

We are unbale to login to Azure Database for MySQL Single Server. The user trying to login is set as “Admin” in Active Directory Admin blade.

Getting error: Access denied for user 'username'@'IP address' (using password: YES)

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Hi @TwishaMistryMINDTREELIMITED-6513, welcome to Microsoft Q&A forum.

As I understand you are trying to connect to Azure MySQL - Single Server using Active Directory Admin credentials.

Could you please provide more information on how are you trying to connect, through CLI commands, workbench etc? Please provide the screenshot as well id possible for more details.

This error mostly comes when user is not present or wrong password is provided. I tried replicating by below steps as was able to succeed:

  1. Created new Azure MySQL Single Server

  2. Add a user as Active Directory Admin

  3. Logged with the user in Azure Portal and ran below command and it worked:

    mysql -h <ServerName> --user <Username>@<domain><ServerName>--password=`az account get-access-token --resource-type oss-rdbms --output tsv --query accessToken` --ssl


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Hi @TwishaMistryMINDTREELIMITED-6513, just wanted to check if you were able to connect to Server?

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