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Weird Issues with IIS

Hello everyone. I have an issue I am hoping someone has seen this behavior before. I am not looking for an exact fix just hoping someone may have an idea or two. I have a web app configured for SSO started acting up after an upgrade. Now if you browse to the site using the fqdn it will give you a windows authentication prompt which it should not do. If you use only the host name it works just fine as expect.

Weird part is if you brose to it using https:\\localhost it works as expected but if you browse to it using https:\\ it prompts for windows authentication. Not sure why because both localhost and 127 use the same loopback interface. SO this makes no sense to me. If anyone has seen any behavior similar please let me know. Right now I have no rabbit holes to go down.

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You already posted this exact same question yesterday here.

Please do not repost the same question again. This does not help you or anyone else. In the rare case you do need to start a new post at least link to the original question so others have context.

Please remove this post and return to the original post where someone is already trying to assist you.

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