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CART captions - Changing Line Length and Font Size Query


I am a CART provider and am using 1CapApp platform to output my text to the Teams meeting upon receiving the API token.

The real-time human-generated captions are working and are received by all participants, the line length is very short, as well as the font size needing to be amended.

Can you please answer on how this can be amended by either the host/organiser of the meeting, or by each participant individually on their own monitors.

Does the platform outputting the real-time captions/text able to dictate how many line numbers, length of line and font size?

Thanks in advance


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This question does not seem to be related to Teams application development. If yes, could you please share more information about this question and repro steps so that we can check it locally?

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This query is in relation to MS Teams and third party captioning through API token. I do not know which development team I should tag. In fact, I was not able to tag "Teams Caption", "Captioning", "API token", no field which pertains to my query.

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We are mainly responsible for Microsoft Teams app development related issues.

For Microsoft Teams product issues/failures your tenant Admin can reach out to Microsoft 365 Product Support.

For general questions about Microsoft Teams please post your question on Microsoft Teams Community.

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