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It takes a long time to create a project in visual studio 2019

It takes more time, sometime more than 1 minutes, to create a new projects in visual studio 2019(community version), VS2015 is more fast, my disk is SSD 1.5T, RAM is 16G, space is enough, so how to optimize project creating time?

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How to reproduce the problem on other computers?

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I don't see this issue. There could be any # of things slowing down project creation. It is an IO heavy step so disk contention is always a possibility. Are you running AV? If so then it might be slowing things down. Try excluding your project directory (or use one that is already excluded).

Where are you creating the project to? If you're targeting a network drive or OneDrive (because that is where your documents are at) then it is going to be slower as you're writing to the network drive.

Do you have any extensions installed? Extensions tend to inject logic while a project is created/opened. Run in safemode and see if the problem goes away. If it does then disable all your extensions and add them back one by one until the problem replicates.

Are you using Git or other source control system? If so then it might be trying to sync up to your SCC provider. For Git that wouldn't make sense probably but for others it might.

Does it have an issue with other project types like C# or VB? Is it only console C++ apps or more complex one's like MFC?

If all else fails then debug VS by creating a new instance of VS, attaching to the original instance and then create a new project in the original instance. When it stalls then break into the code using the debugger and see what all is running.

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1, I create a project when a solution was created already, vs2019 seems to search project templates, and the searching process takes long time

2, no git, no OneDrive
3, My extensions are : Live Share, Test Adapter for Google Test, Test Adapter for Boost Test, ML.NET Model Builder,Visual Studio IntelliCode, Web Live Preview(Preview),Mirosoft Library Manager,NuGetRecommder, Visudio Studio Rich Navigator

4, C++,C# are same phenomenon. when the solution was created, create the first NEW project take a long time , from the second afterwards, it comes back to normal

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Ok then you don't mean creating a project but rather bringing up the project template dialog. Yes it can take a while but it shouldn't take a minute.

This particular UI requires that it discover the templates and so it slow but should be cached after the first use I would wager. Check under your Preview Features settings for an option that says Use previews of the .NET SDK. If that is set then uncheck it to see if things speed up.

Another thing you can do is add some filters (language, project type, etc) to speed up the initial load. Although this should be a short term fix.

Ultimately you'll probably need to use a Report a Problem in VS to send a diagnostic report to MS so they can look to see why it might be taking so long to load for you. Unfortunately we have no easy way to diagnose this. Here's a link to the steps.

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I reinstall vs2019 professional version for a try, the creating project process is normal, another thing, for community version, visual studio marketplace can't be loaded, for professional version, it's OK, so I think maybe the community version is not fully optimized yet.

Thank you for your kind help

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