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This database has been deleted as shown in the notification But it is still visible as an active database in Azure server

In Azure Portal - I have deleted database from server using GUI and it showed success message as well from the notification window.
The deleted database still shows active over portal.

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Hi @AmitRawat-5394, welcome to Microsoft Q&A forum.

If the message is shown the database must have been deleted already. Can you once again check it?

Otherwise try running below command on Bash window and it should mention that the specific resource is not found:

 az sql db show --name <DeletedDatabaseName> --resource-group <ResourceGroupName>--server <ServerName>

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@AnuragSharma-MSFT - Thanks for your reply.
I am not aware about Bash window.

FYI when i tried to delete from SQL server managment looks like DB deleted alreday screenshot below for more details.
But now sure why this still shows over server.


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