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Room Finder Inconsistant in Outlook® for Microsoft 365 MSO (Version 2203 Build 16.0.15028 (As well as OWA)) Works perfectly in App on iphone!

I have been struggling with Room finder inconsistencies (See below)
Windows 10 Pro
"Outlook® for Microsoft 365 MSO (Version 2203 Build 16.0.15028)".
OWA ( OWA April 29th 2022

Outlook Client - When first opened, it displays as the version currently seen in OWA ( But it intermittently displays buildings and rooms.
opened a second time and the room finder reverts to the previous version showing "Room Lists" instead of buildings... again with intermittent display of lists and rooms. the previous version continues to be shown for each new appointment.

OWA - Room Finder displays Buildings with rooms, but intermittently omits some Buildings and rooms.

There seems to be no rhyme or reason to the behaviour.
As an aside... Outlook app for iphone's room finder works perfectly!

Anyone else having similar issues, or can offer a solution?


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Hi @RPrice-0353 ,

Welcome to our forum!

In order to better verify your issue, would you please provide more detailed information?
1. Does the issue occurs on other users?
2. Did you do anything special before this problem occurred?

Based on my test on Outlook 365 version 2204 (Build 16.0.15128.20158) , I can find rooms in Room Finder successfully, which didn't reproduce your issue. Please upgrade your outlook to the latest version via File > Office Account > Update Options > Update Now. And make sure you have checked for widows updates.

To comfirm if the problem is caused by some add-ins, please run Outlook in safe mode: press Win+R, type outlook.exe /safe.
If Outlook works well in safe mode, then the problem is likely with one of your add-ins. To find the the problematic add-in, follow the steps in this article: Disable add-ins

If the issue continues, it is recommended you perform a clean boot:
For more information about performing a clean boot, see How to perform a clean boot in Windows

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Hi @RPrice-0353 ,

I am writing to check if you have tried the suggestions I mentioned before.

If you need further help, please provide more detailed information, so that we can give more appropriate suggestions.

Warm thanks!

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