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Hi guys, I'm hoping i get can some help in regards to creating an automatic break sheet..

This is a break sheet for my work currently.. We have a site that shows our workers and how long their shifts are.. We need too manual create a break sheet every day. In Aus, worker are required to take breaks depending on their shift length
If you work 8 hours or more, you-get 1x 30 min break and 2x 15min breaks

If you work 5 hours you get 1x 30 min break, and 1x 15min break
If you work 4 hours you get 1x 15min break only.

i have provided an image on how it looks with a couple of workers.. The workers also must work at lease 2 hours before having their first break... AND if you work for 8 hours you must have a 15 minute break first, then your 30 minute break... Anyways

Just wondering, is there any template out there that I could use, that when I type in the name and shift length, it automatically puts in their break on the right?
It would make it so much easier and faster, I need as much help as possible in creating this.

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Hi @blend43
Welcome to Q&A forum ~
I'm mainly responsible for general use of Excel client, I want to help you via Execl formulas, but the formula is not automatic enough to fill each rest time for each person according to the working time..
To help you better, I would add the vba tag, hope the macro experts can share something.
Thanks for your understandings.

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