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[INTUNE] Create win32lobapp using client id/client secret and powershell

Hi all,

I only want to know if is it possible to use azure ad registered app with credentials(client ID and client secret) for creating a new intune Win32LOBApp with the invoke-RESTMethod (POST method) powershell cmdlet and JSON datas included on body request.

I ask it because I could'nt find anything about this way, only the user authentication method.
When i try it(clientID/Client secret & powershell), I always have a bad request error. When I use the same JSON datas in the graph explorer with my admin account and after admin consent, the POST request work great and I have a new Intune app created.

Anyone could help me please ?

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@JamesSimon-4101 It seems that we have a bad request error in the process of creating win32LobApp. This issue involves the Microsoft Graph API, which is beyond the support scope of our forum. It is recommended to open a premier support ticket for further troubleshooting. Here is the online support link:

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@JamesSimon-4101 What error are you getting? Can share your error message?

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