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SUMIFs from the Employee Attendance Record Template

From the Employee Attendance Template I downloaded for Excel, I have the following cells in the Calendar View Sheet:

The cell "Days on Leave" show the following formula:
=SUMIFS(LeaveTracker[Days],LeaveTracker[Employee Name],valSelEmployee,LeaveTracker[Start Date],">="&DATE(Calendar_Year,1,1),LeaveTracker[End Date],"<"&DATE(Calendar_Year+1,1,1))

This sums up all the Leaves Recorded across "OB earned", "OB used", "SIL used", and "Sick/Vacation".

How do I modify the formula to only show sums for "OB used", "SIL used", and "Sick/Vacation"?
I appreciate any answers. Thanks.

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Hi @JoeKnowes-8225

Welcome to Q&A fourm ~

How do I modify the formula to only show sums for "OB used", "SIL used", and "Sick/Vacation"?

But as I am confused about the blue square with "4" for "OB Earned", the orange square with "0" for "OB used", the green square with "5" for "SIL" and yellow square with "0" for "Sick/Vacation".
Do these numbers's sum mean the "Days on Leave"? Since 9=4+0+5+0.

  • If yes, you can subtract "OB Earned" from the total sums.

  • But if not, please share us with a simple sample for better analysis.
    We can calculate the number of days for "OB earned", then subtract it from total sums; or we use the sumifs function to add only "OB used", "SIL used", and "Sick/Vacation".

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Hi @JoeKnowes-8225
I am checking this thread, is there any update?
If yes, please feel free to post back.

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