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Duplicate Override ARM Template Parameters while doing deployment

Hello Everyone,

I am testing the Azure data factory deployment using ARM Templates, where I am deploying the all the ADF Instances (Data factory pipeline, linked services, data sets, data flow, Trigger etc.) from Development to UAT and Production, but before deploying to UAT and production. I included below activity in Azure DevOps pipeline-

1) Stopping the ADF Trigger using 'Azure PowerShell' in built task of azure Devops release pipeline. In this task I am using the Inline script to stop trigger before deployment to UAT/PROD environment.
2) ARM Template deployment = using ARM Template I configured following value in it.

Template -> the ARM template of the pipeline ARMTemplateForFactory.json
Template Parameters -> the ARM \TemplateParametrsForFactory.json
Override template Parameter-> When I tried to enter the Values for UAT/Prod environment. some parameter are showing double.

Q-1. PFA, the details about each step and the logs. Please guide me why trigger not taking proper format. what could be the reason behind this? How should I correct this so that it can take trigger parameters only once.

Q-2. Also Please let me know Do I need Azure function app key for UAT/Prod environment to enter that value while override template parameter? Can someone please take a look and guide me what I am missing here?


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Hello @sachingupta-1921 and welcome to Microsoft Q&A.

I understand you are reporting duplication in parameters, as in seeing the same key twice.

However, when I look at your Screenshot 2, I do not see duplication.
I do see more than one parameter name ending in "AddDays" , but there are for different things. I can tell by how long the line of text is. Since the text is left-justified / aligned, text of different length must be different names. I know looking at such long, similar names can get tiring. It has gotten me confused before too.

In both of the last Screenshots (3) I see the names are truncated with the ... . This means there is more to the name, but there wasn't enough room to display them. Clicking on them or stretching the column headers should reveal more. Can you do that and double check whether the entire, hidden, name is identical?

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@MartinJaffer-MSFT thank you for your response. I was able to resolve problem mentioned in step 1 by changing the name of the triggers without spaces.
I need help with step 2 if you can help me to understand

Appreciate your help.

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Thank you for sharing the resolution on part 1 @sachingupta-1921 .

Short answer, yes. If your Function App is part of your pipeline/dataset, I don't see why it would be treated any differently than other linked service credential. I feel I am missing something of the question. I didn't see any hints otherwise in the screenshots.

If you have different keys for dev / uat/ prod, then you would definitely need to include that.

Since you have a Key Vault, you could put the Function App key in there, and let it be taken care of by the change of key vaults. Then you would not need to enter the Function App key in parameters.

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@MartinJaffer-MSFT thanks for the response. This answers my question.

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Thanks for letting me know @@sachingupta-1921 .
I have converted key parts of our conversation from comments to answer, so you can mark as accepted answer.

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