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AutoOpen and ActiveWindow.View.DisplayPageBoundaries in Microsoft 365 Word

I would like all documents I re-open to hide the white space (including headers and footers) between pages. This occurs if I open a document and double-click the white space between pages. It works if I set "ActiveWindow.View.DisplayPageBoundaries = False" in a macro running on an open document and stays that way until I save the document. More to the point, it works (for a few seconds) if I place "ActiveWindow.View.DisplayPageBoundaries = False" into the AutoOpen macro in

... but immediately after the AutoOpen macro finishes, Word displays the document without the white space, the screen refreshes and is then re-displayed WITH the white space. I can see using the Immediate window that DisplayPageBoundaries becomes True. Is there a way to get DisplayPageBoundaries = False to stick if it's set in the AutoOpen subroutine?

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