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Script error Value should be of type: Date: Parameter Name: value

Hi All,

After migrating to Dynamics Sales 9.1 on-premises I get this script error.

Value should be of type: Date: Parameter Name: value

new_prikdatum is an option list with the options 1 week and 2 weeks. I want to calculate the datefield prikdatum after an option is selected. help is much appreciated. Thank you.

//Prikdatum berekenen
function prikdatumover(ExecutionContext){
var prikdatum = ExecutionContext.getFormContext().data.entity.attributes.get("new_prikdatum");
var now = new Date();

   if(ExecutionContext.getFormContext().getAttribute("new_over").getText() == "1 week")

var endDate = new Date().setDate(now.getDate()+7);

 if(ExecutionContext.getFormContext().getAttribute("new_over").getText() == "2 weken")

var endDate = new Date().setDate(now.getDate()+14);

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