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issue with team not able to login teams

Hello Teams Community,

Please i need your help on this.

i am unable to sign in to teams with my Domain account as shown below:

When i select the Teams Org I get a response "We are switching you to your other account. It'll take a moment"



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Hi @66304432,

To help narrow down the issue, please have a check via Teams web app( and see if you are able to log in Teams using your domain account there?

If it works fine in Teams web client, it's suggested to sign out Teams desktop client, clear local cache and then reinstall Teams to check the result:

  1. Sign out and then quit the Teams desktop client.

  2. Uninstall Teams via Control Panel.

  3. Navigate to C:\Users\<UserName>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Teams
    (Note: The AppData folder may be hidden, in this case, please go to View on the ribbon, then tick the "Show Hidden folders" box.)

  4. Delete all the content from this folder.

  5. Download and then reinstall Teams at

In case the issue persists in Teams web client as well, please contact your IT admin to make sure a Teams license has been properly assigned to your account. You can share the steps below to your administrator to check the license:

  1. As A global admin, login to Microsoft 365 Admin Center at

  2. Click on Users > Active Users, find your account and choose "Manage Product Licenses", make sure that your account has been assigned the proper license which includes Microsoft Teams.

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Thank you for your reply.

When we try to sign in to the Microsoft 365 Admin Center. we get the below error:


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Hi @66304432,

From the screenshot, seems like the account you used to sign in doesn't have the required permission. Please try contacting other global administrators instead.

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Thank you for your email.

My colleague re-added me back to Admin role but I am still not able to access it.

I opened the link that you sent but this refers to Teams for Business, I have the free Teams that comes with a Microsoft 365 for family, does this have a Global Admin?.

The colleague who opened our domain account is also not part of the Microsoft family account, so I assume I was invited as a guest.

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