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Additional Calculations in Crosstab Query

I have the following Crosstab query.

TRANSFORM Sum(qryBldg6Hrs.[Total quantity]) AS [SumOfTotal quantity]
SELECT qryBldg6Hrs.[Cost element name], qryBldg6Hrs.[Fiscal Year], Sum(qryBldg6Hrs.[Total quantity]) AS [Total Of Total quantity]
FROM qryBldg6Hrs
GROUP BY qryBldg6Hrs.[Cost element name], qryBldg6Hrs.[Fiscal Year]
PIVOT qryBldg6Hrs.[Order Type];

Where A, B, C, D, E and F are [Order Types], I would like to add two columns (Reactive & Not Reactive) that calculate subtotals based on the following...

For each FY value:
Reactive = Order Types A+B+F
Not Reactive = Order Types C+D+E

How do I add that request in the Crosstab query?


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Create a new normal select query using the crosstab query as source.
Then add the two calculated fields:

 [Reactive]: [A]+[B]+[F]
 [Not Reactive]: [C]+[D]+[E]
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