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No stars for reviews to see anymore in Partner Center

In the Partner Center, under Apps and Games / Reviews, no stars have been displayed for the reviews for a few weeks now. A few days ago, a Chinese character was displayed instead of a star. These could still be counted. But now no characters are displayed at all. I can hardly believe that I have to write this here. This is something that must be noticed immediately when it is developed. Why are no stars displayed anymore? It is not because of the browser, on the Edge as well as in Firefox the problem is to SEE.

Some days ago:


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I've made a simple test to confirm the behavior you mentioned. But the review shows the star correctly on my browser. Like:

This behavior might be related to the specific deivces. Have you tried to check it on other devices?

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Hello Roy,

I noticed that I have this behavior only in Windows 8.1, not in Windows 10, but it is reproducible in Edge and in Firefox. I could see the stars for some years, since some weeks not anymore. Do you have any suggestion how I could solve it?

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There is also a difference for checkbox and filter in the review page:

Windows 8.1:

Windows 10:

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I have to say that questions about Windows 8 are not supported anymore. Please try to use windows 10 or higher instead.

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