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Adding an App already available on the Google Playstore/ iOS App Store Not Showing Up in Company Portal

Hi All,

I pushed out a MAM policy to restrict attachment downloads and our Android users are unable to read the attachments in Microsoft Outlook app due to the MAM policy. In order to give them read access to attachments, I'm trying to add the Microsoft Office mobile app to our company portal. After they download it through the company portal, our Android users should have the ability to open the attachment through the Microsoft Office application.

I added the Microsoft Office app as a Google Play Store App and assigned the correct Active Directory security group to be able download it after enrollment, but the app isn't appearing in the company portal.

I tried waiting 10+ hours to see if it's a sync delay and many different troubleshooting tips I've found online but still no results. Reaching out to the community for help!

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@callmee-2872, From your description, it seems the Google store app is not seen in company portal. If there's any misunderstanding, feel free to let us know.

Before we going on, I would like to confirm which enrollment we used for these device, Android Enterprise or Android device administration?

Meanwhile, could you confirm if the assigned security group is a user group?

Please confirm the above information and if there's any update, feel free to let us know.

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Hi Crystal!

To clarify, my goal is to have the “Microsoft Office” mobile app (already published and available on the google playstore) to be downloaded through the company portal for Android users. This should give them the ability to open/read attachments in Outlook through the Office app. Currently they’re unable to open the attachments because there’s no authorized app to open it.

I’m not sure which enrollment option (I inherited an existing Intune environment) we used, but I believe it’s the default enrollment policy. Is there a way for me to check and confirm for you?

Does it require a specific enrollment process for the app to appear on company portal? Please note this issue is also happening for iOS as well.

Thank you!.

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@callmee-2872, Yes, the managed google play store app is only available to Android enterprise enrollment. We can go to Intune portal, find the enrolled device, check the OS information to know the enrollment method:
As a reminder, available assignment is only for user group, please ensure we assign it to a user group.

For the app in iOS, it can be different. to avoid confusion, we can firstly discuss Android issue at first.

Thanks for your understanding.

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@Crystal-MSFT I confirmed our users used the Android (device administrator) enrollment process. Is it not possible to just push the Microsoft Office app itself through the company portal without dealing with the managed google play store app? I was hoping I could prevent my Android users from having to enroll their devices again to install a work profile, by pushing the app to install remotely or have it available for them to download directly from the Company Portal app.

I confirmed the assigned group to the application is an Active Directory user security group. So glad to finally hear an explanation which explains why I'm not able to see the app in the company portal. Is there something specific required for iOS?


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