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How to validate json while creating a pipeline on azure synapse using REST API?

Please suggest ways to validate JSON for the azure synapse pipeline.
For creating a pipeline on azure synapse environment using REST API we have following POST API URL and using this API we can create a pipeline.


but this API is returning ok/success type response without checking JSON is valid or not. If you use the same JSON and try to create a pipeline on synapse env this will validate JSON first and then will create a pipeline. It will check provided sources / linked services are present on the server or not. This feature is missing for an API which is available.

We are looking for a such validate method for creating a pipeline. If the above API is returning success response then pipeline should be created there else should return proper error message .

If someone knows how to manage this then please suggest a way to do this.

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Hello @PrashantRewatkar-4915,

Thanks for the question and using MS Q&A platform.

Yes, unfortunately it is not possible to validate the JSON when you are creating a pipeline using REST API's. But we are reaching out to internal team to check if there any other alternate ways to validate the JSON while creating the resources using REST API's. Will keep you posted as soon as we have an update from the team.


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