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FSLogix Outlook .VDHX Sizes Cached Mode

For the past 2 years with FSLogix we have used the Outlook cache mode settings of "2" years of content. Recently we changed this to "1" year of content. I have verified that if I delete a users FSLogix .VHDX disk and or reset the users CitrixUPM profile that the Outlook mailbox content is downloading and showing 1 year vs 2 years. I have also verified that without the deletions it displays 1 year of content. But still, the original .VHDX ODFC file is in play here.

However, without the resets or deletions, will FSLogix .VHDX automatically reduce itself in size? Or do I have to reset every single user? I am using the Jim Moyle's shrink script which is running daily for now. Usually I run this monthly.

Essentially what I am trying to determine is since we changed the cached mode content setting from 2 years to 1 year, do I have do manipulate the .VHDX files or will they automatically shrink over time.

Same question would be if I changed this from 1 year to 6 months?

I have 1 user for example maxed our the 30GB size I reset all these as outlined and the .VHDX file is back to 30GB after these changes. The only variable is see if the SearchIndex.edb file is 10GB.

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