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OCR does not recognize isolated numbers

Whenever I send an image like the attached one, I only get the word REV back but not the number 1 that's under it. More unique number shapes like 2, 3, 4, etc. are usually recognized but the number 1 is rarely recognized.


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@JohnSaygnavong-7771 Thanks for bringing this to our notice. We are able to replicate this issue and we shall provide this feedback to our team to address this scenario.

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@JohnSaygnavong-7771 Our team has acknowledged this issue and are working to improve our future models to detect such edge case scenarios. Thanks for your feedback.

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Another example of an isolated number that doesn't get correctly recognized:


This should be a 0 (zero) but comes back as the letter O.

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example2.png (7.8 KiB)

Another example, this case with zeros where the font is a bit square, but only the standalone zeros are missed.


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