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What is the best Unit test framework for Xamarin/MAUI?


We want to automate the test cases of our Xamarin app and wanted to know which is the best unit test framework to work with and also which supports MAUI (because we may migrate to MAUI).

Below are the questions we have.

1.Which test automation framework is suitable for Xamarin App. - Xamarin.UI Test or Appium C#?

2.Will Xamarin.UI Test also be deprecated along with Xamarin? or Will this testing framework support .Net MAUI Mobile app for both Android and iOS test?

4.Do we have any separate framework for testing .Net MAUI mobile app?


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You can use AppCenter to execute UI Test in Xamarin. For more details, please refer to this thread:

For UI test in MAUI, this issue is reported in MAUI's GitHub page:, please wait for update in this thread.

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