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Solve false positive Windows smart screen issue


Our company ( recently renew its code signing signature certificate which is not any longer recognized by Windows Smartscreen.

A "Windows Protects your PC" window appears when the file is downloaded.

As a result all the new setup file we provide to our customers are blocked by smartscreen.
This is more than prejudiciable to our activity and not understandable as we are software developper since 1999.

I found really strange that Visual Studio Professional License generates software that are not recognized by Windows.

When smartscreen report false positive problem, what Microsoft service can be contacted to help resolve the situation?
How post a support ticket and have a real human to solve the problem?

Apple has a subscription program that allow a company to be registered as an official one. They ask a lot of document, but once validation occur, you are simply recognized and never bother again.

Any help would be very helpful
Manuel Jouglet Marcus
Mootools CEO

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Are you seeing this message when you download it in the Microsoft Edge or when you run the program from the PC?

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