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2 NICs on Windows 2019 for SQL Server AlwaysOn Availability Group - RPC keeps failing

Hi all,

I wonder if anyone can help, I am stuck with a problem where the RPC service keeps failing every time I try to set up a new WSFC;

The clustered role was not successfully created. For more information view the report file below.

Report file location: C:\Windows\cluster\Reports\Create Cluster Wizard wsfcluster on 2022.05.09 At 09.19.49.htm

New-Cluster : An error occurred while performing the operation.

 An error occurred while creating the cluster 'wsfcluster'. 

 An error occurred creating cluster 'wsfcluster'. 

 The RPC server is unavailable

Here is my setup (in AWS):

2x EC2 Instances

2x NICs

Server 1:

NIC 1 - Range

NIC 2 - Range

Server 2:

NIC 1 - Range

NIC 2 - Range


When trying to run New-Cluster cmdlet, I keep receiving the RPC server is unavailable.

Steps taken so far:

  • Checked all firewall settings, made sure Port 135 was open, remote assist, IPv6, etc. All Open.

  • Turned firewall off, still no different.

  • Rebooted RPC service.

  • Check IP routing via route print cmdlet. Everything looks right.

Things to note:

  • The CIDR ranges are on the same VPC so can communicate.

  • The 2 nodes in question have communication between all ports open between them from a security group point of view.

  • I have built 2 clusters successfully with only 1 NIC each follow all the same steps, this has only been a problem since adding a secondary NIC.

  • The Test-Cluster cmdlet comes back with no issues at all.



EDIT: Also note, there is absolutely 0 evidence of the RPC service actually failing, nothing being recorded in Event Viewer or anywhere else, which it DOES if it fails/stops, etc.

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