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Global payments in VB.Net

Hi everyone,
Since 2 years I work on a new software written in VB.Net, I have close then 300 customers that uses my old software that was written in VBA with Microsoft Access as the backend.
Because of the pandemic, we were not doing much installation, more then 75 of my customers closed their doors during that time, so I have decided to rewrite my software using VB.Net and SQL server express as the backend.

I am getting better in programming in VB.Net, however, I am having problem understand what do I have to do with the GlobalPayments.API in order to send data to the Desk/5000 terminal that they provide me.

My question is:200405-needs-help-on-integration.pdf
Is there somebody that could help me understand this API?
My terminal can be Ethernet or RS232, I went on the developer site of Global Payments but I don't understand being new in programming.

I will attach a document that explains how my software handle payment.

Thanks in advance for your advice.

Claude from Quebec, Canada

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Hi @ClaudeLarocque-5662 ,
Since Global payments is a third-party API, this forum does not provide support for it.
You can send your questions to the support forum below, thank you for your cooperation.

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