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Migrate Active Directory from AWS to Azure

Our objective is to migrate completely our Active Directory out of Amazon Web Services (AWS) to Azure AD so we can implement and fully benefit from Information Rights Management (IRM), Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and Mobile Device Management (MDM) which may require us to upgrade our current Microsoft 365 licenses and/or subscriptions.

All our clients and servers are Windows-based. Users currently log in through the primary domain controller (PDC) which is in AWS. There are also a few applications running on AWS that connect to the Active Directory but not single sign-on.

What would the most effective and cost-efficient way to accomplish this? Please help. If more details are needed, let me know.

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Thank you for reaching out to the Microsoft Q&A platform. Happy to answer your question.

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I would recommend you leverage the Fasttrack for the Azure program to move to Azure efficiently with customized guidance from Azure engineers. To know more -


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