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UWP - Set the scrolling lines for a UWP ListBox ?

UWP - Set the scrolling lines for a UWP ListBox

I Need to Attached Property or Dependency Property to set scrolling lines to ListBox.

I found something similar in WPF : how-to-set-the-scrolling-lines-for-a-wpf-listbox

But I need it for UWP ListBox.

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Hello, the document you provided is suitable for WPF. ScrollViewer in WPF and ScrollViewer in UWP are implemented in different ways, which causes ScrollViewer in UWP not to use Line as the scrolling unit and does not have the basis for implementing ScrollLines property.

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Such a fundamental feature is not available in Listbox, I think it needs further brainstorming and ensure we find solution, Let this Thread be Alive parallelly I will also work on the issue..

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Hello, if you want to make suggestions about the function of the control, you can add feature request in the Feedback Hub application of Windows 10

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