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MAUI installation - see all files in realse mode

1. I publish MAUI app in release mode using Version 17.2.0 Preview 5.0 + MAUI RC2=> create MSIX
2. I run the MSIX and go to Task Manger on processes tab and choose the running exe
3.Later I go to details and you see all dlls and images ..... is not a bug ?
Expected not to see all this data only the exe ?
4.I used this doc to publish the MAUI app:

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Please provide clear details on your question: what platform are you targeting, what versions you're using, exact repro steps, what you are trying to do, what behaviour you get, and how that is different from the behaviour you expect, etc.

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Please remove anything that isn't relevant from your question. For example, I don't think that Task Manager is relevant. I think you are looking at the files in your MSIX, but I have no idea what you expect or why you think something is wrong. Without context, nothing in that screenshot looks odd or unexpected. If you're unclear on what the scale-xxx markings mean, see (UWP docs, but you'll get the same behavior in WinUI)

Lastly, please don't post textual information as screenshots. That makes it much more difficult to read and to understand what you are asking. Please post textual information as text. For example, if you're asking about the contents of the MSIX file you can list them from a command line and cut & paste the text.

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I'm not sure what happens between steps 2 and 3. I don't see any DLLs or images in the Task Manager details tab. I do see them if I open the process's file location.
Platform: Windows 11 21H2 (OS Build 22000.675)
MAUI 6.0.300-rc.3.5667

  1. Run test app "MauiTest"

  2. Run Task Manager

  3. Select Task Manager's Details tab

  4. Find "MauiTest.exe" in Task Manager's process list

  5. Right click on MauiTest.exe in the process list and choose "Open file location" from the context menu

An explorer window opens to the MauiTest's install location, including DLLs and image files.

This matches my expected behavior: It is expected to see the package's DLLs and image files in its install location on disk.

If this isn't what you see then can you please explain more clearly what you are doing and why you think the behaviour you get is a bug?

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