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UWP - Get error reporting data - API error

I am trying consume the API described in this documentation.

Unfortunately, when I make a call, I get a 500 error response, this message: Object reference not set to an instance of an object

Call Example:

curl --request GET "<<ApplicationId>>&startDate=09/01/2020&endDate=09/02/2020&top=10&skip=0" --header "Authorization: Bearer <<Token>>"

I tried to change the date FORMAT and including the parameter "aggregationLevel", but nothing worked.

The ONLY way I can get a non error message is by completely removing the "startDate" and "endDate" parameter. BUT it does not give me the expected output.

     "Value": [
             "applicationId": "<<ApplicationId>>",
             "applicationName": "<<ApplicationName>>",
             "deviceCount": 1000.00000000001,
             "eventCount": 12345.0
     "TotalCount": 1

I can see data in the Partner Center, health monitor. Any idea?


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Hey I think I have the same issue here. It looks like failureDetails doesn't work correctly - failureDetails api doesn't return at all anything for my crashes that I downloaded in last hour.

It looks like more people have this issue :(

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Here is a code sample that shows the normal process of calling this API. Have you tried this to confirm if the API could get the correct data that you want?

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I am using this code to test this.

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I mean.. I am using this code to test this. The curl was just an easy small way to get to the error.

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@RoyLi-MSFT if you are asking if the api can get the data I expect, I am guessing it can, because the Partner Center health monitor has all the data I want and the eventCount field that the API is returning, is increasing on every call..

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I found a way to include the missing field I needed from the result call, I am just adding them to the groupby parameter and them they appear.

curl --request GET "<<ApplicationId>>&groupby=failureHash" --header "Authorization: Bearer <<Token>>"

Unfortunately providing the startDate + endDate together still causes errors, the same way that the pagination fields top + skip are also causing problems.

Also the @nextpage field does not appear in the result json, event with my result being larger then the max result supported.

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It's good news to hear that there is a way to the report you want. I'm still trying to contact the owner of this API to check if it's unexpected behavior.

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