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Struggling with geting data into table via streaming job.

A total newbie question here.
I have successfully set up a job to stream data directly to PowerBI. That is working correctly. However, I also need to gather some analytics to display in somewhat realtime. I created a second stream job with an output to a table. My output is failing with
The logs show that it's the rowkey or the partitionkey
However, I am not sure how to get that data from my job into the table. This is a very simple data set to collect run rate performance so I just need values over time.

Any assistance is appreciated.

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Hello @CharlesSutton-6374 and welcome to Q&A.

Before I can help you, I would like you to help me clarify a couple points.

As I understand, your stream to PowerBI is working fine. However you are having trouble with a second stream. You mention it is outputing to a table. Where, or what kind of table is this? Is it a table in PowerBI, or Azure Table Storage in your Storage Account, or SQL or something else?

Thank you for your patience

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It is Azure Table Storage. It doesn't have to be though. I just need a space to dump some data so I can run analytics on the real time data.

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I have now been able to get the output to work without kicking an error. In the streaming job the partition key and row key must match an input field. So now my test query works correctly now. However, I do not have any errors but my Azure storage table is empty. I cannot figure out where the disconnect is.

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