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Azure Durable Functions - Getting Called Weirdly

I am using Azure Durable Functions for doing background 30 minutes job.

While my function being executed - another call happens - I added queryString to prevent this.
But again same issue - this makes my code do double-insert to db problem

How to fix same?

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Could you please explain in details about the scenario. Also, if you can share the code of the call that you have mentioned above.

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Seriously I think Azure Durable Functions is an Unreliable technology.

I executed 50 functions in the morning - towards evening I can see most of them being invoked automatically!

I used Terminate method on all functions - but one is not getting terminated.

Later I tested 1 function call, then 2nd function call, now I can see both getting executed.
Why they are not terminating?

Should I clear the storage too?
How does the code look like?

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Hi Paul,

  1. Can you check in table storage and see the status of the instances of your function and whether they are showing as terminated?

  2. How are you terminating the durable instances?

  3. Also can you confirm you don't have any other app or local copy of the code pointing to the same task hub? This is a common occurrence where another function app is left running unexpectedly running off the same resource and storage.


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