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Delay in iOS startup

There is up to 20 second delay for a MAUI app to open at startup. The Splash screen is instant while it can take 20 seconds for the app the open. This is while debugging on a actual iPhone device. Just wondering if this is due to being in debug/developemt mode and this delay will disapear when the actual release version is created. I used a fresh MAUI template in VS2022 to do the testing.

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Hi @philciraolo-4285 , you said This is while debugging on a actual iPhone device. If you finish debugging and start the app directly from the device by clicking the app icon, does it still take a long time to startup?
In addition, would you mind sharing your device iOS version, Xcode Version? And it seems you debug via pair to mac , try to use VS for Mac to check if it still takes a long time.

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Yes, starting the app by app icon directly on the phone still has the 15-20 sec delay. The iOS version was15.2.1 on a iPhone SE. However, I just upgraded to iOS 15.5 to check for any difference and there was none. Still have the delay on 15.5.

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You said " I used a fresh MAUI template in VS2022 to do the testing ", your testing project is a new blank MAUI project, right?
Can you test on another device to check if it still has the 15-20 sec delay? You could try to archive an IPA and upload it to App Store Connect, then install this app by TestFlight, and check if it won't be a blocking issue for production.

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Update: Still working on this issue. After last VS2022 update I can no longer deploy to my iOS device. Need to work out that issue before I can continue with this one.

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You could create a new thread for your deployment issue and mentioned me to let me know the new thread link. We can work together to figure it out. After that, we can focus on this thread.

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Hi @philciraolo-4285 , I notice that you create a new thread for your deployment issue, and I have answered that one, you could check it. Since you can't deploy the app on your device, would you mind sharing a basic minimal reproducible sample with me.? You could upload it to GitHub and attach the link here. I will download and test on my device to check if this issue still exists and try to archive an ipa via our Apple developer account for testing.
In addition, you could check this doc- Publish a .NET MAUI app for iOS , and try to archive an ipa, upload the ipa to App Store connect, then test by TestFlight.

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I have placed the test project on GitHub at SenexTech/test. I will work on the uploading a ipa to store and TestFlight.

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