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Is it possible to import C++ options (<ClCompile>) from the .vcxproj.user file?

I've spent the whole day trying to get Visual Studio/MSBuild to recognize additional compiler options from the mylib.vcxproj.user file, to no avail. The file has the right name, I know this because if I make a syntax error, the project can't be loaded with a corresponding message. I've taken the example .user file from here:

Tried with and without the ToolsVersion="15.0" part; tried UseFullPaths as well as EnableEnhancedInstructionSet - neither works.

I need it for the same reason the repository linked above does - my cross-platform project generation system does not provide any way to disable /FC, because of its "inverted default" nature. The only way is through a user file, which I can generate, and I believe it did work for Catch2 at the time of publishing.

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Hello, for your issue, please directly report it to product team in Developer Community:
Thanks for your understanding!

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@AnnaXiu-MSFT, thanks for your attention! I'm not sure whether it's an MSBuild bug or not; more likely it isn't. I'm asking whether this is supposed to work in the first place, and whether I've done something wrong in my .user file.

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