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UWP app start with arguments

I have a WPF UWP bridge app, which I want to place in the startup folder that starts the app hidden. When the user then starts the app, the already started app instance will be activated and shown.

So I want to set the following arguments to the shortcut file MyApp.lnk:

 explorer.exe shell:AppsFolder\MyName.MyApp_xxxxxxxxxxxxx!App hide

I added the 'hide' word to pass it as arguments for MyApp, but unfortunately the explorer.exe opens itself instead of MyApp.

Is there any way or an argument switch for explorer.exe so that I can pass MyApp and an argument for MyApp?

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So you want to give arguments when you tried to launch it from a command line, right? You could take a look at this blog: Command-Line Activation of Universal Windows Apps. The blog gives an example of how to activate a UWP app from a command line and pass the app arbitrary command-line arguments

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@Heiko-6891 Any updates about this?

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Thanks for the tip. I will test it on occasion.

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