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How to use Onedrive API on ASP.NET?

I manage the webform website.

I need the ability to upload from our website to Onedrive.

So, I'm going to make a page where I can upload to Onedrive.

use webform (not mvc, core).

Looking for relevant examples.(use onedrive API on ASP.NET webform)

I need a detailed explanation because I'm a beginner.

Thank you.

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Hi @Amoletto-8887,
Are you using Azure AD to get the instance to OneDrive via the Microsoft Graph API?
To use the OneDrive API via Microsoft Graph, you need to have an access token that authorizes your app with a particular set of permissions for a user.
You can refer to this document on uploading files using webform.
Maybe you can refer to this example.
Best regards,
Lan Huang

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