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Error testing SaaS webhook on private SaaS offer

Hi, my team is developing an MS teams app, with the intent to publish it as a SaaS offer through Microsoft. We are implementing a landing page and webhook per the specifications here: We have the landing page working as expected, and can activate a subscription end to end through MS Azure Portal and our landing page. The offer is currently in preview available to a private audience of my team members.

I am now trying to test out the SaaS webhook, by changing the seat count from MS Azure Portal SaaS subscriptions page. The seat count limits are 1-100000, and I am trying to change from 1 to 2. I get the following error inside the MS Azure Portal UI: This subscription change seats request has failed and current seats are still: 1. with no additional visible information.

My SaaS webhook API is very basic for testing, and just converts any JSON payload that is called with to a string and stores it in a table. I have successfully tested it using Postman using the sample payload from

I'm not sure if I am configuring something wrong on the App/Azure side to be able to test this, or there is another issue specific to the underlying implementation of the webhook API. Thanks in advance.


We have been updating the webhook with the requirements from this documentation: In particular - The SaaS service is required to call the get operation API to validate and authorize the webhook call and payload data before taking action based on the webhook notification.

We have added calls to both the get operation API and the patch operation API within the webhook.

However, we are still unable to change seats within Azure Portal SaaS details page. I also believe this is not just an issue with our underlying implementation of the webhook, since we are logging all inbound requests entering the webhook and there are no inbound calls to it (other than direct calls by us through postman to validate it accepts calls correctly).

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As we are mainly responsible for general issue of Microsoft Teams. Your question is in development scope but not included in Teams. I would remove the office-teams-windows-itpro tag. Hope you get better response.

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Alex, To receive insights from the targetted audience, you may just re-post your question here.

Apologies for any inconvenience with this.

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Hi @Alex-6426 I saw you posted on too but could not find a solution to this problem. I happen to be facing the exact situation so I'm unable to hit the saas offer webhook. Did you manage to find a solution?

Thank you in advance

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