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ARM Template Resource/Connector Documentation

Is there documentation somewhere on what parameter/variables are required for various common resource/connectors in ARM templates.

I'm working on a project where we kinda put the cart before the horse and created over 40 logic apps before we we tried to integrate them into our automated deployments in Devops. The process I'm currently following is to export the existing ARM templates from the portal and then parameterize them for our various environments. The problem that I'm running into is that this really feels like a half baked undocumented API. Every time I encounter a new dependent connection type, I've had to piece together what parameters and variables are required for that connection from examples. I haven't been able to find any official documentation that goes into that level of detail. The best resource I've found is a github page that has a bunch of starter templates. You can't really derive what parameters are needed from the portal either because everything is obfuscated behind API connections. My other annoyance is that I wanted to put credentials in the key vault but then you have things like O365 connections that can't use keyvault so what is the point of having a keyvault when you can't use it across the board. It's like locking all doors of your house except one. I've really found this process, which has taken several weeks now, frustrating. Sorry for the rant.

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