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What is the 'LinkedIn Application' in the tenant deletion window?

Hello! What is the 'LinkedIn Application' shown in this screen (see attachment)? I'm attempting to delete my tenant right now and this is preventing me from doing so. I'm prompted to delete it, which is fine, but I want to know what it is and how I can examine the object further before I delete it. Ideally I'd like to expose some level of detail in to what this is through the Azure CLI. Additionally, I'm wondering if it is possible to demonstrate what information has been shared with LinkedIn.

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The LinkedIn Application shown in this screen signifies that you have enabled LinkedIn integration within your Azure AD tenant from the setting below.

alt text

Once this is enabled , the linkedin application gets added to the tenant . You can use the following Azure CLI command to find more information about it from your directory.

  • Please use

    az login --tenant 'tenantname'

  • After this use the below command to find more information about the existing LinkedIn application.

    az ad app list --display-name linkedin --output jsonc

  • This will list you the details of the linkedin related application as you would like to check. The output would be in Json. The same can be done using Powershell module for AzureAD graph using Get-AzureADapplication cmdlet. Ideally this method would work if you also had enabled Linkedin Learning.

  • In case you have not enabled this at all , then you should use the following to find all the linked in connection application.

    az ad sp list --query "[]" --display-name "O365 LinkedIn Connection" --all -o json

In my tenant it gives the output like.
alt text
Now coming back to your question about what level of data you / one of your users might have exposed to linkedin is as below.

  • Profile Data

  • CAlender Data

  • Interests Data based on our usage of Cortana and Bing for business.

  • Contacts Data.

The retention of this data is temporary for showing you relevant insights and the latest about the people you work with everyday to enhance information about your professional network which will make it easy to initiate a more meaningful conversation with them.

The contacts data is something that does not get deleted and the linkedin user account which imported the data must explicitly delete it from their side . I have added the relevant links which you can check to understand more.

Hope this helps and answers your query.

Thank you.

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@shashishailaj ,

Thanks for the reply. az ad app list --display-name linkedin --output jsonc doesn't return anything. Any idea of where to look next?

Thanks in advance.

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I checked more on this and found that the Linkedin Application is named as "O365 Linkedin Connection" and in my tenant I had both LinkedIn learning along with this one but I missed detailing this earlier . My apologies on the same. The appId is global ID for this app and is same for every AzureAD / O365 tenant that has enabled this service. You can check it using command below. I have edited the main answer to include the output there because of char limits on comments.

PS C:\Users> az ad sp list --query "[]" --display-name "O365 LinkedIn Connection" --all -o jsonc

Hope this helps.

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