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Pair to Mac fail with Error: Could not find ‘.NET Core SDK ‘ with version = 6.0.400-preview.22301.10

Windows VS 2022-17.3.0-Preview-2.0, connect to Mac OS 12.4.

When connecting , VS passed SSH to initialize dotnet SDK , I received the message ' --install -dir /User/myMac/Library/Caches/Xamarin/XMA/SDKs/dotnet --version 6.0.400-preview.22301.10 --no-path'

then 'Attempting to download using primary link'

curl:(22) The requested URL returned error:404

at last log: dotnet_intall; error: Could not find ‘.NET Core SDK ‘ with version = 6.0.400-preview.22301.10

Steps to Reproduce

Use 'Pair to Mac' window after upgrading to 6.0.400

Version with bug


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@GordonMars-0907 , May I ask your Xcode Version and the MAUI version? You could try to use Windows VS 2022-17.3.0-Preview-6 and check if the .NET MAUI workload is already installed in your Mac. You also could try to install the latest VS for Mac preview. When opening a .NET MAUI solution the IDE offers to install the .NET MAUI workload, if the workload is not already installed.
Then you can try to clean the cache like this document: Clearing the Broker, IDB, Build, and Designer Agents on the Mac and pair again.

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Thans for your answer.

My MacOS Version:12.4

My Xcode Version:13.4.1227889-xcodeversion.jpg

My Mac Visual Studio preview Version:

There is a log file on my mac about Windows pairing to Mac227983-2022-08-03-17-14-133212idb%E7%9A%84%E5%89%AF%E6%9C%AC.log

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And have you tried to use Windows VS 2022-17.3.0-Preview-6 ? The version you mentioned is Windows VS 2022-17.3.0-Preview-2.0.

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