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Edge is blocking every website not beginning with https

I'm having an issue with Edge where it's blocking every address that doesn't have a http address or can't verify a certificate for. It's doing it on both my laptop and my Android. It's so bad on my cell, I had to uninstall it. I even turned off every safety protocol and nothing worked. On my laptop, I've attempted to disable the http to https flag, I've turned off Smart Screen, I've tried everything I could find on the internet. It's starting to cause me real problems now because I can't reach sites for work. I hate the Google browser, but if I can't get this resolve fast, I not going to have much choice here. I can't keep having Edge constantly blocking every website I try to go to just because they don't have a register certificate I don't have permission to view it, or the site starts with http.

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What error message does it display when block your website?
Would you mind post back the exact error message?
Check your system date and time and time zone and make sure they are correct.

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This has been a very long, drawn-out process. As I am still chasing all the cobwebs out of my dilemma.

@Reza-Ameri the error message I was receiving was "ACCESS DENIED: You don't have access to access [] on this server." or I would receive a 404 error, or I would simply just get a blank page.

Very late last night, I started having even more trouble on my Android. My cell is a brand-new Samsung unlocked S22 ultra. I've had it less than 3 weeks. Suddenly, none of my search links worked, first in Google, then in Bing. It didn't matter what browser I used. Edge Beta, Edge, Chrome, Samsung Internet. I tried using different VPNs I have. Nothing worked. Then I got an error message and I wished to heavens I saved it. But in all the havoc, it was lost. It was a DNS error. I researched it and basic TR said to reset my network. It didn't help. So, I contacted Samsung. They sent me to a local repair center. They ran a diagnostic on my cell and determined that Verizon had performed a network updated that didn't push to my device properly and so my phone was not provisioned for the 5G network. I had lost data ability. I could still send and receive messages and calls, just not data.

So, how does this affect my laptop Edge? I had them synced. Not just my favorites, but all my browser settings. So, when that push crashed my phone, my sync pushed that corrupted Edge to my PC and corrupted my Windows Edge and my Windows network. Are we having fun yet? So, I am now trying to peal apart what my phone synced to my laptop, what's supposed to be correct Windows settings and what my phone corrupted thanks to Verizon and the sync I was using.

Since I know nothing about server settings and such, I'm fumbling my way through until I get it fixed. The last time this happened, it took me almost 2 years to get all the bugs worked out. Guess I should have taught myself servers instead of Cyber Security.

Verizon reprovisioned my phone but that still didn't fix my browser issue. I had to perform a complete factory reset to get my phone back to working order. I've been at it now for 8 hours.

So, if anyone else has this issue, here's a great place to start....

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Are you facing this issue with another browser?
Do you know what setting have been changed?
Does it affect Windows Setting or Microsoft Edge setting?
You may open start and go to Settings and go under Network & Internet and click on Proxy and turn it off.
You may click on Status and click on Network reset and reset it.

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I only have Edge and Edge Beta installed on my laptop. Both were affected.
So, I haven't been able to determine yet if it was just an Edge setting or my entire Windows that was affected.
I don't use a Proxy, so, I don't have one to turn on or off.
I did not know you could reset the Network on your PC like you can on your cell phone, thanks for that tip. That's awesome.

Since I unlinked my laptop and cell and performed the factory reset on my cell, my laptop suddenly needed Windows updating. Curious since that was the first thing I checked when my laptop started acting up.

I haven't had any apparent issues since. My hypothesis is that my cell was somehow blocking my laptop because they were linked, and my cell was blocked from being able to use data for internet by not being provisioned correctly by the corrupt update which snowballed into not getting the Windows updates I needed, etc. etc. Once the I severed the link between the 2, factory reset my cell, my Windows laptop was able to get the necessary updates it needed, some of which were security updates.

I'm going to have to monitor it closely and see how they both act, especially since Samsung is rolling out a new OS soon. They're going from UI 4.1 to 5.0.

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Thank you for the update, please let us know if you find any more details or information.

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