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Azure SignalR pricing on messaging where no client is receiving them

I'm using Azure SignalR on my IOT project which sends a lot of messages out to the SignalR service. Most of the time these messages are not being monitored, however putting some kind of a conditional switch into my IOT Project would be rather cumbersome to do and I'd rather freely continue sending the messages even if no one is listenting to them.

My question is whether Azure is charging me for these messages if no one is actually subscribed and listenting to them in my front end web app? (my IOT project and web app are two seperate projects, each conncted to Azure SignalR Service as a way of bridging the messages between them)

The MS documentation is not clear on what stage a message charged is for i.e. the point at where it is sent to the hub from the IOT app (and then Azure) or at the point where a client (web app) has connected to the Hub and receives the message?

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Thanks for reaching here! Azure SignalR only charges for outbound traffics, so when the message is sent to the hub from the service, yes it counts, and when the message is sent to the client from the service, it counts too.
For more details see: Messages and connections in Azure SignalR Service | Microsoft Docs

Let us know if further query.

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Thanks for confirming. So it looks like I wont be charged for the message reaching Azure from the sender, unless a client connects to the hub from another project and subscribes to that message.

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Since you also have message from client to the hub to invoke the hub method, that message also counts as out bound traffic: client=>service=>hub method

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