Microsoft Q&A moderators

There are two type of moderators on Microsoft Q&A:

  1. Microsoft moderators
  2. Volunteer moderators

Both Microsoft moderators and Volunteer moderators mission is to help supporting the community by:

The main differences between Microsoft moderators and Volunteer moderators are:

  • Microsoft moderators are Microsoft employees who are part of a support team or a product group. Most or part of their work is to answer questions or help the community.
  • Volunteer moderators are community members who were active moderators in MSDN and TechNet and want to continue on Microsoft Q&A or active community members in Q&A who are making a positive impact. Some of these moderators are part of the Community Champions Program.


Permission type Microsoft moderators Volunteer moderators
Add an image to a tag yes no
View content in moderation yes yes
Manage content in moderation queue yes yes
Make question sticky yes no
Suspend user yes yes
Edit tags within a thread yes yes
Edit any content yes yes
Redirect questions yes yes
Close any question yes yes
Delete any content yes yes
View deleted content yes yes
Initiate a private conversation yes no
Convert answer to comment and vice-versa yes yes
Lock comments on threads yes yes
View revisions yes yes

How to become a Volunteer moderator

Microsoft reserves the right to include other moderators in this program outside the requirements listed above.

Benefits of Volunteer moderators

As a Volunteer moderator, you will see the following benefits, as a thank you for your participation:

  • Monthly calls with Microsoft to check-in, adjust guidelines, answer questions, etc. Additionally, there will be guests from different product groups with topics of interest to the moderators.
  • In 2022 we will have a private area on Microsoft Q&A where all volunteers can chat with each other as well as be in close contact with Microsoft.
  • Recognition. There will have several ways to publicly recognize the volunteers for their amazing contributions.