Suspending a user

Microsoft moderators should ONLY suspend users when they are spamming the system, they plagiarize the content, or they don't follow the Microsoft Q&A Code of Conduct. Examples

  • Threads made by the user do not get deleted.
  • The action is reversible, and you can undo the user suspension if you think it was done by mistake.

Things to do before suspending a user

  • If you think the user is gaming the system, contact the site administration before suspending the user.
  • Always look at all the posts by the user before suspending. Unless the user is really spamming the site, give the user the benefit of the doubt, delete their offensive post, and work with the user to make sure that they understand the code of conduct.
    • If you are a Microsoft moderator, you can send the user a private message
    • If you are a non-Microsoft moderator, contact somebody in Microsoft to contact the user.

How to suspend a user and delete all their content

  1. When viewing the “Content Waiting Moderation” page, go to the right moderation folder.
  2. Under Sort order, you can sort by user. If the user is a spammer or a bot, you then can:
    1. Suspend the user, so they user will not be able to post again in the community.
    2. Delete all user's posts if all user's posts are spam. Note that this might delete ALL the posts from the user, and some of them might be legits. So review all posts by the user before taking this action. Moreover, if you delete one or more posts from the user, they and other users will lose any reputation points gained on that post. Note that undoing the delete action might not bring some of the previous status back. For example, if you delete an accepted answer, and then undo deletes, the answer will not be automatically be accepted once it gets undeleted.